Welcome to espace

This used to be my[1] homepage. It died quite some time ago and although I am sure I have backups somewhere, I haven't been able to find them. Anyone who has ever seen my bedroom and extrapolates that to my other filing systems immediatly understands. There were quite some pictures on it, so I still hope to find the backup some time in the future.

Currently, everything resembling real content is focussed on amateur film making. If you are interested, please have a look at our Erratic Elephant Entertainment website. We used to have this hosted on a system with a high bandwith connection because we have two of our productions available for download. However, espace is now connected via fiber and now hosts everything.

This websites major reason for existence is that it is a convenient place to put pictures online that other people might be interested in. Go to the index pages to get a short description of what to find there

There isn't a lot of other information to put on this page (You really want to visit EEE). What rests is a short description of the server. Espace used to be run on a Sun Solaris system which had one major problem: It was obnoxiously loud. So, when I had to move the machine in my home I migrated to a Linux based machine. (And in case you are wondering: This migration took place long after the content loss)

Update: Below is the old espace server. It is currently still kind of alive, but in the process of being moved to a virtual machine

The system is based on an old Celery 333@375 which is placed on an Intel P2B mainboard. Since I didn't have a casing and probably wouldn't be able to find one which would fit in the small space I had in mind for it anyway I decided on creating a case from an old box and some anti-static foam. This also allowed me free placement of the PSU. The old celerons had build in cooling which consists of a heat sink and clipped onto that a small tunnel with a build in 4 cm fan. These are of course noisy so I removed the tunnel bit, rotated the power supply 180 degrees and build a small duct which directs the air from the PSU onto the heatsink. Since the PSU is temperature controlled and doesn't have a whole lot to do for such a minimalistic system its fan is very quiet but with enough air flow for the celeron to remain cool.
The hard disk is mounted on two bits of wood and stands on top of the main board. It is actually the only thing which makes enough noise for the system to be heard. To complete things there is a low profile network card from which the rear plate is removed. Keyboard and videocard are not present but can be mounted if really needed (like during the installation of the operating system)

The espace server

Just because it is a nice picture, a piccie of our cat while drinking

[1] Me = Eelco Giele, in case you hadn't figured that one out